Our generator capony adpots rainproof and corrosion-resistant electrostatic powder coating. After high temperature baking, it is leveled and solidified to form a dense protective coating, which is both corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. So, it will endure the toughest operation condition and make your life much easier.  3cm laminated flame-retardant sound-absorbing cotton, rubber sealing strips on door tracks, built-in silencer, all-around protection and mute measures, which effectively reduce noise pollution. Integral full-bending chassis fuel tank, bowl-tupe compound shock absorber reduce the vibration of the unit, and reduce the damage to the parts.

Doosan has been manufacturing diesel engines since 1958. Doosan is becoming the world’s top engine maker by preparing a full line-up of high-quality, high specification engines that satisfy various tightened environmental regulations and providing total solutions.

Our Doosan series diesel gensets are powered by imported Doosan diesel engines manufactured by Doosan Korea factory, power coverage is 120-600KW.

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