Solar light tower is mainly used for outdoor illumination at night. The light pole adopts rotatable, lifting structure, the height can be adjusted freely; standard with LED lamps, protection class IP65, configuration individual Control switches; power sockets equipped with earth leakage protection and IP44 rating to provide power to external electrical equipment; various Trailer towing head optional, 4 height adjustable support feet as standard, the lighthouse is designed to operate in winds no greater than force 8.

  • 4 groups of LED lamp head, can be rotated 360 degrees. LED lamp head has a long life, less power consumption, let the lighting more durable and more fuel-efficient.
  • The retractable light tower pole can reach a maximum length of 6 meters for a wider range of light exposure.
  • Using solar renewable energy, solar light towers overcome the high operating costs of diesel light towers and the disadvantages of carbon emissions, noise and smoke pollution.
  • High quality imported metal materials, compact structure, stable performance, the product has four fixed feet, can better adapt to a variety of harsh environments, wind and rain resistance ability is very strong.

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